If you have a question or need assistance with HiredMD, please review the FAQs below or write us at support@HiredMD.com.


  1. Why should I use HiredMD, The Physician Marketplace? HiredMD is the centralized place to hire physicians from across the US. There is no need to search through multiple sites or to budget for pay-per-click fees. Find the doctors you need or the job you desire by simply filling out a few quick items on the sign-up form. All of the rest is done via our intelligent matching engine.

  2. What does it cost to place a listing or profile on HiredMD? There are no costs for employers or physicians to list their profile or place a job on HiredMD.

  3. How much will it cost me to hire a physician from HiredMD?  This depends on your organization's policy regarding the fees paid to external recruiters. We can work on a fixed fee, fee split, or use our standard fee of 15% of the negotiated base salary. Please feel free to contact us at support@HiredMD.com for additional information.

  4. How do I join the HiredMD network? The first step in the process is to register as a physician or employer, verify your account, complete your profile, and, if you are an employer, post a position. Within seconds of completing your profile or posting a position, all physicians or jobs that match your specialty or location will appear on the left side of your dashboard. Employers can then invite the physicians they want to interview and physicians can invite employers to interview them. For more detailed information, please review How it Works.

  5. Can I join if I am not ready to find a job? HiredMD is always available when you are ready to find your next job. You can either signup or email us your name, specialization, state(s) currently licensed in, and the state (s) you are willing to get licensed in.

  6. Why does HiredMD use an auction? Won’t it cost me more to hire through your site? We use the term auction to describe a new type of negotiation tool. A tool in which the employer and employee can bid and counter bid over issues such as salary, vacation time, benefits, moving costs, paying for school loans etc. The goal is to use all of the incentives at your disposal to get the best candidate for your position.

  7. What makes HiredMD different than other job boards? HiredMD is not a job board. On a job board, you can find a candidate, but you have no idea what incentives are important to them. If you are a candidate, you often feel like your resume has fallen into a black hole. HiredMD allows employers/recruiters to communicate a physician's value to the organization through our auction and allows physicians to initiate and monitor their job search. Unlike a job board, HiredMD facilitates connections between physicians and employers in seconds presenting enough information so one can decide whether the position or physician are a good match. Our competitive advantage is access to quality candidates and the ability to determine your value to an organization and its value to you.

  8. Do you keep my contact information private? HiredMD takes privacy seriously. We will never sell your information or email you information that is not relevant to your practice, career, or specialization.

  9. Why don't the mailto links work on your website? The reason this happens is because the mailto link in your program defaults has not been set or for some reason has become unchecked. Please go to your default programs and make sure that your preferred email program has the mailto link box checked.